Finally the construction of Al Saleem Maktab has been completed and it officially opens up on the 2nd of March 2015 ! Classes 1 and 2 will be formally inducted into our system. Please contact us if you know of any orphan who if provided the appropriate education would excel ! Moreover everyone is invited to visit us and see what we are about !

Insaaniyat Project aims to help whosoever requires it. We regularly distribute food and clothing to the needy, arrange dowry for poor women to assist them in getting married and provide medical expense to those who require it. If you know anyone we could help out feel free to contact us and we will do our level best !

Arsenault Institute will officially be taking its first batch of computer trainees on 30th March 2015 ! The fist batch of women for the embroidery classes will be registered in August 2015 ! If you know anyone unemployed who could benefit please spread on the information. Moreover if you like what we do please click "LIKE" on our Facebook page to follow us !